7 Day Kickstarter

by Ashy Bines

Need a Kickstart?

Ashy's 7 Day exercise & nutrition

program will give you the kick you need!


Your Chance to make a change

Kick start your body now

Find out how good you can feel in just 7 days!

  • workouts
  • nutrition
  • 7 days

Easy to Follow

  • Proven exercises in a brand new, condensed program
  • Convenient and easy to follow so you can workout anytime, anywhere - no weights or equipment needed!
  • Beautifully laid out with step-by-step photo examples to perfect your form

Clean Eating

  • 7 Day Meal Plan to help change your habits
  • Recipes that have been loved by over 200,000 of my clean eating members
  • Delicious & nutritious meals to lose weight and maintain your ultimate body
  • Snacks that will curb your cravings

Just 1 week

  • Easy to fit into your schedule and current lifestyle
  • Sampling my program over 7 days takes the fear and anxiety out of starting a health & weight loss journey
  • It's easy to motivate yourself for one week - you can take pride in FINISHING a program!
  • Repeat the program multiple times and add weights as you get fitter and stronger

Workouts 7 Day Exercise Plan


Nutrition 7 Day Meal Plan

Get Started NOW

I've hand-picked the exercises that I've noticed give women the best results, fast. This 7 day Kickstarter gives you exercises that you can do anywhere without having to go to a gym.

Simple yet effective exercises allow you to get started straight away. And, with clear movement guides you can perfect your form and achieve the results you're after. It's the perfect way to kick start your body.

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